A laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a surgery during which the doctor removes your gallbladder. This procedure uses several small cuts instead of one large one. A laparoscope, a narrow tube with a camera, is inserted through one incision. This allows your doctor to see your gallbladder on a screen.

25 year old male patient recently operated for laparoscopic pericystectomy for two large complex hydatic cysts on under surface of liver in segment V & VI . He had complaints of recurrent pain in abdomen since almost 6 months. On investigations like Ultrasonography & CT scan abdomen two large hydatid cysts were discovered in his liver. Hydatic disease of the abdomen itself is a very rare disease. He had no large incision or stitches on his abdomen. He was mobile within 6 hours of surgery. Post-operative recovery was uneventful & he was discharged within 24 hours from the hospital.